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Creators Club is a development organisation and a vibrant community of creatives, freelancers,  business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs

We run events, workshops and provide coaching to support people to grow and encourage peer support amongst the creator community.

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Being a creative, a freelancer or a business owner, comes with all of the enjoyable freedom of doing what you love and making your own decisions.

And whilst it is sometimes scary to put our work out into the world, we do it because we care.  We care about the craft and we care about the story behind our missions. 

That’s why we create.

But being a creative also comes with the challenging practicalities of being in business. The finances, the marketing, the selling, negotiating, the networking and the admin, all of the behind the scenes stuff that no one tells you how to do.

And then we discover the inner journey, the one nobody really sees or can understand how we actually feel. The nerves, the fears, the insecurities and worries, the things that hold us back and stop us reaching our true potential.

Whilst the creative journey is a personal one, it doesn’t have to be one to go on alone. For our personal growth, the practical skills and a truly collaborative community, we created Creators Club.

So together as creatives, freelancers and business owners, we can help each other out, we can be encouraged, inspired and supported, to make sure we all achieve our true creative potential.

That’s why we are here.

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You may be thinking about whether you are a creator?

From our experience we see 3 different motives that drive creators.

  • Leaders - You see a problem in the world and you want to make a change. You care about the impact that you can have. 
  • Free Spitit - You want to have more freedom and autonomy over your life. You want to get out of the 9-to-5. You want to be your own boss.
  • Opportunist - You know what people like and how you can meet that need. You know how to get a profit. You like to hustle.