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Thank you to everyone who attended in 2018.

Join us for an even bigger Creators Festival next year.

Saturday 5th October 2019.


Creators Festival is an annual one day experience for creators across the UK. This year, it was designed around 3 Themes;
Making It, Living It and Growing it.



12:00 Arrival and Registration

13:00 Inside The Making Journey

14:15     Growing your Soul Intention


16:00 Living With Presence

17:00 Dear Future Self

Dinner Making

19:00   Music and Boogie Heights

21:00 Close



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Inside The Making Journey

A unique opportunity to see, hear and experience behind the scenes of an 8 year invention journey. Pillow Talk, invented and patented by Jo Montgomery, was the first technology innovation of its kind, using heart sensors to connect people in the most human way using technology.

From an idea in her interaction design degree in 2010, to shipping it around the world in 2017, the journey has been full of highs, lows, learning and life changing stories, including selling it to hospitals to improve the lives of children.

Jo’s core motivator is humans first and technology second. From stages like TEDx, Jo continues to inform and inspire other visionary entrepreneurs to be person centred innovators and speak the truth whilst building a business.

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Living With Presence

An active experience, exploring the body-mind connection through stillness, breathing and movement. Owen Bailey is qualified yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner and creative writer, who has taught around the world for 15 years. His work remind himself and other “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” —Edmund Hillary.

As a creative he writes poetry, illustrates and sketches around themes of soul connection, nature and mystical journeys. He's the writer of a blog called Essential Expression and Organic Wisdom (a book in progress). Owen weaves this experience and knowledge through his work, exploring with creativity and gentleness. He uses these elements to investigate presence, encouraging your own journey of engagement and honest exploration of your experience.

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Growing Your Soul Intention

Tania believes having a happy mind makes for a happy business. This workshops will help us to deepen our understanding on navigating the mental and emotional journey that compliments our professional growth and outside achievements.

As a small business owner since 2010, Tania is passionate about helping creative people and entrepreneurs to manage their mental health and wellbeing while growing a business. Through bespoke workshops, events and online products, Calmer helps people to achieve their full potential so they can thrive in work and in life. Tania is the founder of Calmer and Author of This Is Calmer.

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Dear Future Self

Nina Bubamara will guide us through a creative process to look forward with renewed optimism, hope and excitement for the future. In light-hearted yet deeply meaningful exercises, Nina helps people connect their minds, soul and imagination.

Her person-centred coaching approach helps people navigate ‘self’ by working on the inside out through self-expression, self-awareness and self-belief, the core ingredients she believes we need to live a meaningful and purposeful life.


Boogie Heights is an energetic music brand and alias of vinyl DJ Chris Geisler, designed to unearth, share and combine sounds to make the people boogie.

No 3 words describe Chris's music collection better than Funk, Soul & Disco! However if we were to sum this man up, that simply wouldn't do him justice... With vinyl being at the forefront, his sound, much like his personalty, is open and playful which always allows room to experiment through the genres. You will catch him dropping the needles

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Do you have to attend Creators Club to sign up?

We welcome anybody who relates to being a creator. We imagine a lot of our attendees will have been to or heard about Creators Club before, but we're an open, inclusive group. If your creative, business leaders, change maker of doer of good things, you’re invited.

Will there be food provided?

Yes, we will serve snacks on arrival and mid-afternoon and we will provide dinner in the evening. Please have a good breakfast/brunch before you arrive please.

Will there be alcohol?

No, 42 Acres is a no alcohol venue and our intention is for this to be a fully conscious experience. At 9pm we will head to a local pub for those who would like to join. We have have a cheeky evening mock-tail!

What should we bring/wear?

A water bottle, notepad and pen and comfortable clothes. Wear clothes you feel comfortable to move around in. There won't be a lot of physical activity, but light moving exercises will be happening throughout the day.