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Inspire Night: Living a Creative Life

Join us for creative business event in London and meet like minded creatives, freelancers and aspiring business owners for an inspirational evening.

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Be inspired by a special monthly talk or workshop

  • Stay accountable to your growth and development

  • Collaborate with others so we all achieve more

This month it’s all about creativity and passion.

For many creators, freelancers and entrepreneurial minds, it’s tapping into our own creativity that get’s us started, but sustaining that and putting it to good work takes practice, dedication and a lot of mistakes along the way.

Staying true to our creative calling, whilst juggling the demands of running a business is no easy thing to manage. Thankfully, we have the incredible Eugene Hughes to share his current and living experiences of what it takes to successful lead a creative life. Eugene is the founder and Managing Director of global training organisation Artgym and he runs a private psychotherapy practice, as well as lots of other cool things too.

Evening Agenda

6:30 Arrival and Networking - Make yourself at home, help yourself to drinks and snacks, coffee and beer

7:00 Welcome and Themed Activity - get to know other attendees through some organised fun, cleverly designed around the theme of the night

Break - Drinks and chatting - chance to network and

8:00 Inspire talk - Creative Living - be inspired by a short talk followed by a practical exercise so you take home valuable learning personal to you

9:00 Close and networking time - end a delightful evening chatting to fellow Creators