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I’d never been here before and I had no idea what to expect, it was so powerful, inspirational and beautiful beyond measure. I am proud to be human tonight!
— Iona. M

what we do

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Monthly learning events designed around a theme of the month.  Connect with your community, be inspired by a creator leader and learn skills.

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3 hour practical workshops delivered by recognised teacher practitioners with 10+ years experience in their fields. 

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Nurture your inner world or talk through your challenges with a wellbeing practitioner in a safe and supportive space. 

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An annual experience for creators across the land. A combination of workshops, wellbeing, live music and more. Read more


"For me Creators Club is amazing opportunity to meet other people who are doing amazing things, no matter what they are involved in, it's so inspiring they're people who are so passionate about what they do that it gives me energy to carry on with my work." - Michael. F