For committed creators who attend our events regularly,
we invite you to join as Creator Members.

You will receive access to partner discounts,
our online resources and lots more.

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Come along to all
12 Creators Club
Inspire Night events

Every month we have a specially designed event with a monthly theme, a guest speaker and an opportunity to expand your network.


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Get 25% all of our Masterclasses and Workshops

Throughout the year we co-design and host masterclasses with expert practitioners.

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Get 15% discount off
all of our partner

We are creating partnerships with organisations that align with our goals and values, one that provide valuable products and services for you.

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Get FREE Business Resources that we design and create 

Whenever we create bespoke content, worksheets and materials, we'll share them as we go. You

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Get 50% off
to our Annual Creators Festival

Once a year, we will gather all of our best thinking, speakers and workshop content, to host a giant experiential event called Creators Festival.



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Pay your ticket forward if you can’t make an event

If you can't attend an event that you're membership includes, we'll 'pay it forward' to someone that will benefit, you choose who, just let us know.


PAY MONTHLY £7/month
or PAY ANNUALLY £75/year

Once you're happy, follow the link
below or email Emilia for support

Once you've connected your account,
you will receive an email to select
which plan you want to choose, then you're in!



For people that have skills to share, time to
give or the desire to learn, we invite people
to become star helpers.

Whether that is helping us run events or working on projects,
in the spirit of collaborative generosity, come and be a star.

You'll get access to all of the above and an insight into
behind the scenes of what we do and how we do it.