OUR team

Together we lead and support Creators Club and our community of creators.

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Andy Dunn

Andy passionate about creativity and enabling self-employed people to build effective support systems. As well as being the founder and Director of Creators Club, he is also an Author, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator.

As an industry leading facilitation expert, Andy designs and orchestrates our learning events, supports leaders across the UK and ensures our direction is influenced from real practitioner experience.

As an advocate of Mental Health Awareness, he is committed to ensuring professional development support is holistic and cares for people wholly.


Rajiv Findlay

Raj is committed to creating job opportunities and adding real value to the city of Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas throughout the Midlands.

Raj pioneered the beginning of Creators expanding to other UK regions and is a co-leader of Creators Club in Birmingham.

Peter Middleton

Peter writes for his love of words and etymology; engineers sound for festivals and musicians for his love of music; and facilitates workshops for his love of helping people to grow.

Peter also started the Creators Club community in Bristol and cares about supporting people’s mental wellbeing as well as creating safe spaces for authentic expression.


Joanna Montgomery

Creating a world where being human comes first and anything digital comes second. Joanna is an interaction designer, inventor of Pillow Talk and co-leader a leader of Creators Club | London.

With over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, tech innovator and industry influencer, Joanna is a highly sought after expert in the field of design and user experience.

She creates products, services and experiences that enable genuine human connection, as well as guest lecturing at Glasgow School of Art.

Karen Stenning.jpeg

Karen Stenning

Karen has a passion and commitment to diversity and equality, empowering women and entrepreneurs. Her expertise helps us create spaces where people feel open to share an connect fully to experiences.

Karen runs Absolute Alchemy, a consultancy that assists and supports small to medium size charities and social enterprises, with development and strategy. is trustee of a small Brixton based creative charity called 'Cause You Can and I also offers advice and guidance to The Grange in Norfolk, a sanctuary for refugees and those fleeing from torture and war.

Michael Fox

Michael’s journey to start TZ Rising, help the girls through Education and break free from poverty is an inspiring mission. The inspiration was born from personal experiences with his co-director Innocent in Tanzania, together they work tirelessly to make a difference for girls and create a sustainable social enterprise.

Michale is also an experienced leadership facilitator working on youth social action projects. As a co-leader of Creators Club London he cares about creating supportive spaces for community collaboration.

Nina Miljus

Nina is a dynamic creative working across a range of projects incorporating concept design & development, brand building and art direction. She helps clients to create authentic identities, branding concepts and visual narratives to bring their ideas, products, messages and services to life.

Her coaching and design work enables people to connect the dots of their visions and develop genuine and palpable ideas. Nina is a facilitator in London and Newcastle.

Theodore Hoffman.jpeg

Theodore Hoffman

Theo cares about helping creators, brands and business to get their message across online. He leads a video marketing production company that delivers high video content and campaigns for businesses to gain brand awareness and sales.

Theo is a co-leader of Creators Club in Birmingham and is based in the midlands, working with people and companies across the UK.

Sarah Higginbotham

Guiding people and businesses through a transition of change has is Sarah’s passion and mission throughout her career. Working with global brands like Google, through to small business owners, her empowering nature and organisational mind is a true gift.

Sarah is also an #IAmRemarkable facilitator, Creators Club Cambridge leader and a certified business coach.

Nick Fogarty

Nick is a theatre maker and artist, with experience writing, performing and directing for theatre. He is the Artistic Director of theatre production company Dark Place and lead creative for The Shape of Contemplation.

As a facilitator and co-leader of Creators Club in Bristol, Nick seeks to encourage considered reflection, and create visual experiences that enable peaceful reflection.