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"I'd never been here before and I had no idea what to expect, it was so powerful, inspirational and beautiful beyond measure. I am proud to be human tonight! I would love to come back." - Iona. M


"I have done a lot of networking in my career of 16 years, but Creators Club is very unique, creative and special. Since being diagnosed with cancer I have been unable to attend but I will be back soon. I have missed it so much as I set it as a goal to attend throughout the year and make it a consistent thing I attended it each month." - Kiki. K 


“A really inspiring and beautiful community. I am looking forward to the next event!”
Alice. C

“Your event was amazing - you should be totally proud of yourself and your team. You could tell the whole room was buzzing after the event!”
Diana .S

"You've created something truly important, impactful and soulful. It was such an inspiration to be part of it last week, and you set the tone for that space through your presence and courage. Good on ya!" - Eugene. H


“Thank you Andy, I feel blessed to have taken myself on the necessary journey to this point, to be able to share is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Peter. M

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"For me Creators Club is amazing opportunity to meet other people who are doing amazing things, no matter what they are involved in, it's so inspiring they're people who are so passionate about what they do that it gives me energy to carry on with my work." - Michael. F


I learnt the importance of self-care and self-love first, to create resilience and show up as your authentic self for others". - Nisha. H 

“Creators Club has helped me through some dark times and guided me into a world of adventure, as well as challenged me to become better.” Rajiv. F


"It's fun and informative and I always learn something new. For once I'm not the weird one in the room." - Kristina. M


Often these sort of events can be geared towards stressing the hustling, go, go, go and can leave me almost feeling a bit bad about myself and the pace I am taking things at.  What I liked the most was the friendly, open and non-pretentious atmosphere. - Marina. B


"It's fusion of inspirational, passionate people who come together to think, develop and grow… and it’s just the best thing ever. It’s community, fun and it's inspiring. It's for anyone who wants that sense of collaboration, community, creativeness and to learn new things with awesome people." - Nina. B

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“Thank you for Wednesday night's event! it was very inspiring, I left definitely more conscious than I arrived!”
Lucy. L