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Creators Festival 2019

Creators Club Festival 2019

A national Creators Club experiences for creators across the UK; with entrepreneurial stories, live music, business and wellbeing workshops. And surprises, of course!

Open to all creators, business owners and dreamers on a mission to make something happen, and make the world a better place.

The theme for Creators Festival 2019 is Magic & Logic. It’s inspired by the interplay between creativity and science, sensing and calculating, wisdom and foresight. There will be workshops, live performances and group activities, weaving in our festival scope of Business, Art, Nature and Design.

Our workshops will connect 4 disciplines of 'Business Art Nature & Design'.

• A unique shared experience
• An amazing location
• Future inspiration
• Personal learning
• Wellbeing workshops
• A creator gallery
• Secret surprises
• Joyful moments
• Musical treats
• And lots more!